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Llanberis Wales

DSCN0191.JPGDSCN0190.JPGDSCN0190.JPGDSCN0191.JPGDSCN0193.JPG[CLICK ON PHOTO FOR INFORMATIONg=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/DSCN0193.JPG thumb=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/thumb_DSCN0193.JPG]DSCN0188.JPGDSCN0168.JPGb2336840-5b68-11e8-a26e-69318eeccde7.JPGcbc80590-5b68-11e8-a26e-69318eeccde7.JPGDSCN0185.JPG-------------------------I was staying in Caernarfon North Wales UK, a 30 minute bus ride from Llanberis, where Mount Snowdon is situated. --The train fare is £29 (may 2018 ). The journey to the summit and return to Llanberis is two and half hours, with a half hour stay at the summit.---2130fe00-5b6a-11e8-a26e-69318eeccde7.JPG3169d300-5b6a-11e8-a26e-69318eeccde7.JPGDSCN0182.JPG---------I arrived in Llanberis about 10-30 am and went straight to the Mountain Railway booking office, i was told the first available seat was 2 pm, so took that, and did a ride on the Llanberis Lake railway first at 11am. --This is a lovely journey by the side of the lake by narrow gauge train. I arrive back in good time for my Mountain journey.-----------------------Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales 1085 meters ( 3560 ft ) above sea level. it is located in the Snowdonia National Park Gwynedd north Wales UK. The summit can be reached by path or as i did by the Snowdon Mountain Railway, a rack railway which was opened in 1896. From Llanberis to the summit is 4.7 miles ( 7.6 km ). The train is a one carriage train carrying 60 passengers, the carriage is pushed up to the summit by a diesel engine, ( sometime steam )------My compartment was A ,to my surprise it was in the front with the train guard, must be the best seat. ----- One of the duties of the guard was to communicate with the driver at the rear., also to blow the horn when sheep on the track.-- Views at the top are stunning on a clear day , which it was, just before leaving a cloud came down , but it was clear views on the decent --- The cafe at the summit is called Hafod Eryri , toilets are available.---At Llanberis is a buffet cafe , toilets, and a cinema about trains.-----------The bus terminus at Llanberis is at the Mountain Railway and Lake railway.-----CLICK ON PHOTO FOR INFORMATIONDSCN0162.JPGDSCN0167.JPG MOUNTAIN TRAIN TICKETS CAN BE BOOKED ONLINE.

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